The Millennium Anniversary of Al-Zahrawi (Albucasis): An Editorial

The year 2013 was the millennium anniversary of the death of the distinguished surgeon Abul-Qasim Khalaf Ibn Abbas Al-Zahrawi, who lived in the period from 930-1013. However, still little is known about his pivotal role, like other medieval Islamic scholars, not only in preserving and critically evaluating the surgical and medical heritage of the ancient and Greco-Roman civilizations but also in having integrated surgery into scientific medicine through his careful observations, vast personal experience and documented original contributions.

Al-Zahrawi was born and raised in Alzahraa, a suburb of the town of Qurttoba (Cordova) in Andalucia (now in Spain). It is narrated that his family tree was originally from Al-Ansar of Al-Madina Al-Monawara (now in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). He is known in the Western literature as Albucasis, Abulcasis, Bucasis (Latinized forms

A Quotation from Al-Zahrawi in a Letter to the BMJ Editor

Never perform an operation without first watching it performed by others and without having experience of the technique…

Davide Lazzeri, Plastic surgeon, Stefano Lazzeri*, Michele Figus*, Marco Nardi*, and Marcello Pantaloni, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Unit and *Ophthalmology Unit, 56100, Hospital of Pisa, Italy.
Letter to the BMJ Editor on 8th of January 2010 in response to:
How Islam Changed Medicine
Majeed A. How Islam changed medicine. BMJ. 2005 24; 331: 1486-7)