Images of Al-Zahrawi’ s Edited Works


In addition to the 12th century Latin translations  of the original Arabic text of the 30th volume (Maqalah) of the encyclopedic work of Abul-Qasim Khalaf Ibn Abbas Al-Zahrawi (Albucasis, 930-1013 CE) كتاب التصريف لمن عجز عن التآليف (The disposal of medical knowledge to he who is not able to get it by himself from the other compilations), the following nineteenth century French translation  was made by Lucien Leclerc under the title “La Chirurgie D’Abulcasis” and published in Paris in 1861:al-Zahrawi_Maqalah 30_Lucien Leclerc_1

In 1908 the following edition of the original Arabic text of the same volume was published in Lucknow, India under the editorship of Qutubul-Din Ahmad:

Al-Zahrawi_30th Voume_ Qutbul Din Ahmad_LucknowAl-Zahrawi_30th Voume_ Qutbul Din Ahmad_Lucknow 2

And in 1973, the original Arabic text of this  30th volume (Maqalah) of  Al-Zahrawi’ Tasrif, was made available with an English translation and a commentary through the following classic work of Spink and Lewis ; ‘Albucassis on Surgery and Instruments’ published by Wellcome Institute of the History of Medicine; London, United Kingdom: al-Zahrawi_Maqalah 30_Spink and Lewis

The following printing of the Arabic text of volume 30 of Al-Tasrif was published in Riyadh in 1993 as ‘Al-Jiraha, Al-Maqala Al-Thalathoon, Al-Tasreef Liman Aajaz Aan Al-Taaleef’ edited by Al-Naser A and Al-Twaijri A, and published by Al-Farazdaq Press: al-Zahrawi_Maqalah 30_Nasir and Tuwaijri

Sixteen years later in Damascus another edition of the 3oth Volume was edited by Zakoor M Y as ‘Kitab Al-Zahrawi Fi Al-Tibb Liamal Al-Jarrahin’ and published by the Syrian Ministry of Culture: al-Zahrawi_Maqalah 30_zakoor